My mission

Hi there.  My name is Sarah,

And I capture beauty from life’s most chaotic moments.

Now here is the part where I make myself sound brilliant in a paragraph or two (yikes!)

I'm a working mum and my beautiful hubby and I have been building a life together for over twenty years.  I'm a pretty friendly gal and I think you'll find I'm an easy going, helpful person to have around on your wedding day.

I expect I'm not sounding brilliant just yet?  Thankfully your not here to learn about all the places I've been and what certificates I have on my wall.  Your here because you want AMAZING wedding photos!  And you want beautiful memories you can live over and over again.  So lets discuss a little more about what I provide for couples and how I use my past experience to achieve great results for weddings of all shapes and sizes.

have some great tips to share that can be super helpful if taken into consideration during the planning stage share my 15 years of experience in a way that can help couples achieve photos of themselves they never imagined possible


Have great teams providing great products each team hand selected for quality and attention to detail

why highlights and not the whole day

We can easily miss the journey if  we are focused on the things that dont really matter.